Small brown oval bugs

drugstore beetles, hard

Small brown oval bugs

wood floor, northern vermont: Dear Susan - I realize that these are quite small, but would it be possible for you to take a close-up photo of one or .

you need to be more specific. they could be cockroaches, weevils, stinkbugs, or many other things

House bugs with legs fuzzy striped Fuzzy bug in house Small brown insects in my box spring Little fuzzy bug bedroom Oval brown bug. Small, ovular black and brown striped bug?.

There are these small brown oval bugs . They are not bed bugs. They look like they can fly becasue they have wings i think but I have never seen them fly.

It is a small brown oval shaped bug not visible legs but if you turn it over there are legs. Should I be concerned or just dispose of them. If there is need for concern, Small brown oval bugs what .

Someone said: depends on how big they are. Could be a roach or a fly.

Ask the Orkin Man Small oval brown bug with horizontal stripes Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You didn't mention if they are round or oval which could eliminate. small, round, brown spots bug is Small brown oval bugs brown with black spots and 6 legs? Tiny round black bugs with yellow spots .

. into everything, they are maybe 1/16 of and inch, very small. They look like miniature ground beetles. Question: I have these tiny reddish brown oval shaped beetle like bugs.

A thread in the Insect and Spider Identification forum, titled SOLVED: Small Dark Brown Oval Mystery Bug

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